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Space Debris - A Chore-Playing Game for Two • 2017 rpg

Scott Slomiany • no link

After a disaster on your Orbiter….
You play the Walker. Spin fast for 20 seconds. Pick up a bag of garbage to take out to the curb; you are carrying a part of the payload needed to repair your Escape Pod. When you walk on the driveway, close your eyes; you are falling into space. You must only walk slowly, holding your breath unless you can grab something permanent. ( house, tree, car, etc ). Another player is the Watcher, who watches from a window inside the home, giving directions to the Walker via cell phones. You can only talk to the Watcher when holding on to something.

During the walk, when the Watcher sees:
Pets or children...discuss your loved ones on Earth.
Adults...discuss your dead comrades.
Car driving by….ASTEROID SHOWER, you spin wildly until dizzy.

If you take a breath without holding on to something, you become disabled and cannot move or talk. The Watcher must now enter space, walking slowly, holding their breath and eyes closed. If the Watcher touches you, you are revived, and the Watcher returns to the window. If the Watcher takes a breath beforehand, you both die in space.

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