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Divine Disease • 2017 rpg

Drake Williams • no link

The gods are dying from a mysterious disease, and the world with it. They can only hope the plague runs it course before it gets to them. This game uses 1 deck of playing cards.

Each player picks a concept or noun to represent. They are the god of that Thing. All players work together to describe what the world looks like, heavily focused on their Things.

The players then draw 2 cards from the top of the deck each, and pick 1 to play face up. Draw the next 2 cards from the deck to the center of the table to pick the disease’s target. The first card picks red or black, the second picks highest(red) or lowest(black). Whoever played the deck-picked card dies and ceases playing, or you all discard, re-deal and play again if no one died. Describe the world as that player’s Thing disappears. Re-shuffle all the discarded cards back into the deck before the next elimination phase.

Play continues until all players have died, or the deck runs out during the elimination phase. Take one last look at the world at this point before you walk away from it.

Author Comments

If you want to consider having everyone survive the elimination phase as a win condition, the difficulty curve varies greatly depending on the number of players in the game. You have to get through 52 cards without having anyone playing the same color card as the disease claims. For 12 players, that’s 1 round where no one gets dealt 2 cards of the losing color, but for the last standing player they need to go through 13 rounds of lucky breaks.

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