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Songs for empty apartments • 2017 rpg

Antonio Amato; Ivan Lanìa •;

Your love is gone.
You're alone in your apartment.
You're alone with the songs of your love story.
You're going to reconstruct it.

You need three friends and your smartphones.

Before play, each of you chooses a song.

The one who lost their love more recently is the Voice. Going in clockwise direction, the others will take respectively the roles of Drums, Bass and Guitar.

1. Drum, play your song and ask a question about how it became meaningful for the relationship. It can range from a simple “Why this one?” up to a very loaded and targeted question. Set a scene framed around that memory.
2. Bass, take the question from the Drums and start asking the Voice about it, using questions about whens, wheres, whys, hows and such.
3. Voice, play the protagonist, answering the Bass’s questions. Bass and Voice, keep conversing in a Q&A fashion.
4. Guitar, stop the Bass and the Voice at a climactic moment, then answer the questions from the lost love’s point of view. What you say cannot be questioned by the Bass.

After a scene, roles shift clockwise.
Repeat three more times.

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