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Time Travel Start-Up Company • 2017 rpg

Jen Kitzman • @halcycat

Grab your double-nine dominoes and hurry to the Pitch Meeting. 
Place the 9/9 tile centrally - this is your angel investor. 
Shuffle, draw a hand of 7 tiles for two players, 6 for three and 5 for four. 
Highest matching tile goes first, then second highest etc - Players describe their Entrepreneur and play the tile. Players without a matching tile draw until they have one. 
Play 4 tiles on the investor, one/side. 
Pitch your Time Travel Start-Ups by playing a match on 1 of 4 open ends and outlining them. 
When everyone has pitched, add each individual’s played tiles. Highest pitch + Entrepreneur has sold The Mission.

Play out the Mission via matching until every player’s hand empties.

If you pass, draw.

Describe how you engage in Time Travel Office Bullshit with each play or pass.

Place a double in front of you to start your own Project. Choose between your Project or the Mission on your turn.

Hijack a Project by playing ends that add to 10, mark this closed except for you.

If you clear your hand playing on the Mission, describe a Mission Profit.

If you clear your hand playing on a Project, describe a Personal Profit.

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