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Manic pixie dream girl • 2017 rpg

Jenni Sands •

Need: 1D6, tokens 
Two players: Girlfriend, Boyfriend
Boyfriend reads everything before asterisks aloud

Girlfriend. Choose 3+ quirky behaviours you’re into and your appearance. (e.g. hair bows, making up songs, knitting). For each detail add a token to your pool. 

Your boyfriend is troubled; you need to come up with neat ideas for things to do together. Stay in character throughout the game. 

Describe an idea for a fun thing to do together, roll a D6. If he’s delighted: Roleplay that date and share something real about yourself or your feelings. 

Otherwise pay a token to Boyfriend; remove that behaviour or look.

Describe a new date-idea. Roll again.

If you receive a token back you can reinstate a detail or invent something new. 


Boyfriend. You are reliant on girlfriend for your happiness.

If she’s not sufficiently delightful you become withdrawn, sullen, frustrated. Resist her attempts to engage you unless she rolls 6, then be cheerful and affectionate for a brief time.  

If you don’t like an emotion or truth she shares, take one of her tokens. 

You can give a token back if she delights you.
When girlfriend has no tokens left, break up with her.

Author Comments

Thanks to Steve Hickey for playtesting, encouraging and having editing advice. This is a nasty little game…

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