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Your journey • 2017 rpg

Dregntael •

“The world is not beautiful, therefore it is.”

You are survivors in an apocalyptic wasteland, travelling between isolated cities in search of a place from your dreams. You never stay longer than three days. This game tells the story of the places you encounter on the way.

Character creation:
- Pick a unique quality and declare three ways you use it.
- Pick a flaw and explain why it haunts you.
- Pick a bond with someone and describe how you rely on them.

To start playing, think of some aspect of society and enlarge, twist, or reverse it. You arrive at a place where the people are like that. You try to understand those people and learn from them. You can observe them, interact with them, or fight them, but you never become one of them.

When you arrive, you have three tokens. Tell the others what you observe. When you learn something new, gain a token. To intervene, describe what you do. Either someone tells you what goes wrong and gives you a token, or you do it and discard a token. If you run out of tokens, you must leave this place, NOW.

Author Comments

This is a game based on one of my favorite series, Kino’s Journey. This is my first attempt at writing a complete game, and I must admit it’s much harder than I thought. I hope you like it.

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