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Alien Zookeepers Go! • 2017 rpg

Jonathan Cook • no link

Requires: Two+ players. Some way to share short videos and pictures you’ve drawn on. 

You are alien naturalists, disguised as humans, capturing/documenting unseen fourth-dimensional animals that populate this planet.

What’re your names? What alien institution do you work for?

Mostly, blend into Earth society. But sometimes, discover a new specimen. Send a short video describing how, then a picture of the animal. You’ll have to draw; Earth cameras can’t capture the fourth dimension. Don’t forget a name!

Other players ask two questions each. Examples: What sound does it make? How’s it useful? How’s it cared for?

Amplify your magnificent discoveries. Downplay the significance of others’. Always tell the truth.

The other players write a report describing their impressions of your find. Homeworld’s watching, be honest. Include name, summary and rating (1-10), based on uniqueness and importance/usefulness of the animal.

Occasionally, ask for an update on a previous specimen. Check the rating. Five or less: they share a picture/video describing an unexpected talent/feature + a charming anecdote of bonding. Six or above: describe a complication/danger + the unfortunate way it was discovered.

Play until you’ve captured all the interesting creatures here. Destroy the planet as you leave.

Author Comments

This is basically me trying to imagine a version of Pokemon Go that I would like to play. In a longer version I would like to confront the ethics of capturing creatures and also give more tools for coming up with creatures and questions.

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