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Treaty at the Stones of Black and White • 2017 rpg

Dan Sparkman • no link

Learn Go. Play.

Half to 3/4 of the way through the game, pause.  Hold peace talks and negotiations. 

Each player rolls a d6 for a Secret objective.  
1.	Randomly select a personal enemy. 
2.	Get the captured stones released.
3.	Gain control of another formation on the board.
4.	Grow your territory by placing stones on the board.  
5.	Secure a Trade route.  Gain a right-of-way from every player the route passes.
6.	Make your own.  

Each player chooses a formation on the board.  That is their army, tribe, or geographic region.  Deal a card from any deck, Magic, tarot or standard playing cards.  

Take turns introducing yourself, using your card and area on the board.  Then roll a die publicly, odd you are loyal (to the color your formation is made from) even you are treacherous.  Then secretly roll a die. Loyal players have only a 25% chance of choosing to betray their color and only to secure their secret objective. Treacherous players will stay loyal 25% of the time.  The other 75% they can betray if they want. 

Start negotiations. The war isn’t over.  In turn order if you chose, you may place a stone.

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