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Descending from the Shoulders of Giants • 2017 rpg

Ivan Xuereb • @4thguy

You'll need:
A Guide & 2 to 6 players
index cards & pens

Each player writes a sentence describing a pivotal event in their character's life on their index card. A pivotal event is some form of conflict that changes the character's life. The events are kept secret for now.
One player is nominated to be the Descendant ("main character"); the others are automatically the Ancestors.
The Descendant reveals their pivotal event and starts roleplaying the scenario with the Guide.
While the current player role-plays, Ancestors can reveal their pivotal event and send one related thought or suggestion to any living being in that scene.
To see how the suggestion affects the current situation, the current event is paused and the Ancestor role-plays their pivotal event with the Guide. When the event is resolved, the previous event resumes.
Any elements from the Ancestor's events can now be brought into this scene.
It is suggested that Ancestors' events only go two layers deep to help keep things simple.
Once the Descendant's event is resolved, the game is complete.
Ancestors then sit back, content that they have helped their Descendant stand on the shoulders of giants.

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