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What Could Go Wrong? • 2017 rpg

Ethan Cordray •

A Game of Heists and Hilarious Consequences

3-6 players, no GM
A die with the same number of faces as the number of players

When a player-character takes an action, they declare what they hope the result will be and assign it to the highest face on the die. 

(Player A says, “I detonate the explosives. On a 4, the bank vault door blows open.”)

Then they say, “What could go wrong?” and pass the die around the table. For each other face of the die, another player describes a different result. Each must be WORSE than the one before it.

(Player B says, “On a 3, the explosives don’t go off.” Player C says, “On a 2, they go off and trigger the sprinkler system.” Player D says, “On a 1, they go off and set all the money on fire.”)

Then the acting player rolls and discovers the true consequences of their action.

Before you play, you can use the same mechanic to define the elements of the heist, such as Target, Location, Attack Plan, and Getaway Plan. Each player suggests an idea for each element, and one player rolls to determine which to use.

Author Comments

Thanks to Technical Difficulties Gaming Podcast ( for play testing and development.

Thanks to the Role Playing Public Radio community ( and for encouragement, advice, and letting me know about this contest.

Special thanks to my brother Kent Cordray for giving me a completely cold read of the text, which massively helped to improve its clarity.

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