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Redeemer: World Changing Role Adoption • 2017 rpg

Randwulf0969 • http://randwulf0969.deviantart.com

Ignorance, Apathy, Intolerance, Aggression, and Greed are Evils that hold powerful sway over world today. In this game you adopt, not just play, the role of "Redeemer" in an effort to overcome these Evils, and recreate the world into a better place for your loved ones, yourself, and everyone else. Redeemers overcome Evil using Three Vital Strategies and Five Essential Virtues. 

The Three Vital Strategies are... 
1) Cultivating the Five Essential Virtues within yourself.  
2) Synergize with other Redeemers for virtuous endeavors.
3) Empowering (through patronage, money, voting, labor, etc.) ONLY virtuous endeavours of individuals and organizations, and "starving" Evil endeavours (but still treating ALL people virtuously).

The Five Essential Virtues are Awareness, Compassion, Tolerance, Nonaggression, and Generosity. 

Awareness overcomes Ignorance. 
Compassion overcomes Apathy.
Tolerance overcomes Intolerance.
Nonaggression overcomes Aggression. 
Generosity overcomes Greed. 

Begin cultivating virtuous Thoughts (through contemplation), then Actions, Habits, and Character. This ultimately influences the Example you set for others and the Destiny created​ for yourself and your world.

The objective is to create a virtuous and happy world where everyone treats everyone else well. Don't you want your loved ones to be treated well by everyone else? It begins with you! Play and share! 

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