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Bunk Beds • 2017 rpg

adam mcconnaughey • no link

All players lie on their backs in a darkened bedroom at night, facing straight up. Bunk beds are great for this. Leave a closet door open.

Play best friends at a sleepover. Come up with names. You’ve got a feeling something bad is coming.

You’re playing Truth. Here’s how it works:

When someone asks you a question, it’s your turn. Answer it fully and honestly (in character), then ask another friend a question. Now it's their turn. You don't need to go in order, but try to make sure everyone gets to go.

If you’ve had three turns, AND a supernatural or horrific element has been introduced to the world, then you have another option on your turn: fall silent and don’t speak until the game is over. You probably fell asleep, right? The friend who asked you the question gets to ask someone else something.

The game ends when anyone gets up to check on someone or something, or when everyone falls silent.

Don’t look in the closet.

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