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The Last Day • 2017 rpg finalist

Andrew J. Young •

They are coming. They are endless. They will destroy everything and everyone.

What will you do with your last day?

* What do you use?
* Who do you defend?
* Where do you stand?

* What are you looking for?
* Where do you look?
* Who do you tell?

* Who do you find?
* Where do you go?
* What do you do?

* What do you crave?
* How do you get it?
* How does it make you feel?

* How do you travel?
* What do you bring?
* Who do you meet?

* Who do you tell?
* What do you bring?
* Where do you go?

Once everyone chooses and answers their questions, roll dice.

Fight (1d20 x5): the number of them you defeated
* Who did you save?
* How are you overcome?

Learn (1d10): truths you uncovered
* What did you learn?
* Why didn't it work?

Love (2d6): people you helped
* How do you say goodbye?
* What remains unsaid?

Indulge (1d6): times you laughed
* What is your best moment?
* What do you regret?

Run (1d100 x10): miles you traveled
* Where do you stop?
* What keeps you from going on?

Hide (4d6): hours you remained hidden
* How did they miss you?
* How do they find you?

Author Comments

There is less “game” to this than I am used to, but there’s a greater emphasis on storytelling and world building. I have definitely been inspired by some of this year’s and last year’s entries, though I don’t know that I am drawing inspiration from any one single piece.

Judge Comments

This game is really elegant. It’s about some sort of apocalyptic invasion, but rather than the rules being about combat and resource management, they explore the characters’ backstories and desires, their successes and failures, and how it all turns out for them in the end. This is a lot of rich storytelling potential inside of 200 words. Genius. - Jason Cordova

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