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A Matter of Time • 2017 rpg

Kezle • insanityinsight.blogspot.com

The GM is fate, the players are seers.

Decide the setting. Time travellers vs AI? Oracles racing to stop Ragnarok? Cyberpunk Greek warriors vs the reawakened Cronus? Anything can work as long as the characters have a reason for seeing the future.

Characters have three ratings: Will, Power, Skill. Divide 8 points between them. No rating can be higher than 5.

The GM sets the scene, describing it as if all threats succeed. Play then begins prior and the players can react to the future as they saw it. Character actions are assumed to automatically succeed unless an intrusion is made.

Every time characters alter the stated future, the GM gets an intrusion die. Intrusion dice can be spent to make an enemy react differently than previously stated or introduce a new element to the scene in current time. Roll. If the result is greater than the appropriate stat, the character fails.

Characters may collectively choose to accept their fate for a round. Accepting failure removes half the intrusion dice from the GM’s pool

Play continues with the GM describing the result of each round before the players have a chance to alter it until a conclusion is reached.

Author Comments

Using the concept of heroes battling to change fate, I wanted to experiment with reversing common GM and player dynamics by only ever having the GM roll while character actions are by default successful, giving players equal narrative control.

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