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Janitors, Night Shift and It • 2017 rpg

Lee • no link

3+ Janitors
Take as many playing cards as players, with one joker and one king.  Shuffle and draw one each.
The Janitor that draws the Joker is the maker; they made or found It. They can dictate How It Works.
The Janitor that draws the King is the agent; they must Deal With It. They can dictate how It must be Dealt With.
The Janitor that most recently worked overtime is the Finder; they were the first to see it.
Everyone else is just a Janitor, they want to get back to cleaning.
The Finder goes first, and describes what It is, why it shouldn’t be there, and what happened at first.
The Finder brings Janitors in, one at a time, to see It.
Should conflict arise, thumb wrestle and decide based on result.
The Maker and the Agent may reveal themselves at any point (to explain How It Works or How To Deal With It), but must be opposed.
Anyone who dies in the line of janitorial duty must leave, fetch a beverage, and return to watch the events unfold.
Play ends when all Janitors agree the situation has been resolved and continue to clean, or are dead.

Author Comments

I’ve been reading a lot of the SCP Foundation lately, and like the idea of some regular, underpaid folks just trying to get on with their jobs as bizarre and unlikely objects manifest around them. Big thanks to Heather for telling me about this event.

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