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Memory Palace: a character study in reverse • 2017 rpg

Syrh Griffith • http://www.hammerandanchor.com/

For 3 players with a book, of any kind, to read from.
Players find themselves in a person’s subconscious, a Room with no windows or doors. Shelves, cabinets, and tables filled with Objects. This is a neutral area where Players interact freely.

In turn order:
Finder - Describes an Object, the memory’s anchor.
Reader - Recites a randomly selected Passage, the memory’s context.
Recaller - Uses the prompts, literally or symbolically, to recount the memory as a third-person observation or a scene acted out by the group. They may suggest the location and characters present.

They won’t be chronological. Inconsistencies and differing opinions are key: a person is greater than the sum of their parts. Anyone can end the memory, listen for natural pauses or lulls.

Roles shift clockwise and the process is repeated. Three scenes in three acts takes 3-4 hours.

This is intentionally rules-lite for creative freedom, however feel free to add any guidelines that facilitate play.
First act - focus on descriptive monologues for a foundation.
Second act - introduce group scenes and speculative discussion.
Third act - flesh out character relationships.

A support mechanism within everyone’s reach is strongly encouraged to ensure players remain equally invested.

Author Comments

Inspired by stories like Slaughterhouse Five, Quantum Leap, and the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode “The Inner Light”, this is an exercise in empathy. My favorite part of any game is the out of character discussion, revealing differing perspectives and opinions, and I hope this replicates that. I owe a special thank you to many people in Games to Gather for fostering my personal and creative growth but also simply accepting me.

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