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Lock, stock, and two smoking coffins • 2017 rpg

Past • @dromedary

A game for four (4) players and any number of observers.

Distribute the four kings of a deck equally.
The king of hearts is SHERLOCK.
The king of clubs is SHERLOCK.
The king of diamonds is SHERLOCK.
The king of spades is SHERLOCK.

The king of clubs is actually DRACULA.

DRACULA must have a tell, displayed a minimum of three (3) times through the course of play.

Starting with SHERLOCK, each player denotes either something about the room they all share, or the body found within it, until each player has done both.

Work backwards in character over the course of an hour (60 minutes) to find the *method*, *motive*, and *morbid twist* to the murder. Interview suspects from the audience (or consenting bystanders) as necessary.

If the murder is solved after DRACULA’s third tell, but they remain undiscovered, DRACULA wins.

If DRACULA is discovered and the murder is solved, SHERLOCKs win.
If a SHERLOCK dies, they probably lose.

Author Comments

aka “OR 221 B(r)a(msto)ker St.” As inspired by Justin McElroy.

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