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Dispossessions • 2017 rpg

Michael Faulk • https://twitter.com/commonboy

A team of ghost-hunters cleanse a possessed item to dispel evil from a home. 


This must be played at night. One player (Researcher) goes to a room with an internet-connected computer. The other players (Investigators) go to far-away room and turn-off all lights. They are only allowed a single source of light (flashlight or cell-phone). Players can only communicate across rooms by walkie-talkie or phone.

The Investigators search for an item in the room that could be possessed. They describe it to the Researcher, who looks on the internet to find “its history.” This involves searching until they locate a spooky story about a comparable item (Ebay is useful). While waiting, the Investigators should describe bad vibes and minor supernatural occurrences happening.

If the Researcher cannot find something appropriate, they tell the Investigators that the chosen item is “clean” and they must choose another!

Once the Researcher locates and communicates a history, they click on a random Wikihow article and explain how to perform a cleansing ritual based on it. The Investigators conduct it and describe things escalating further (throwing themselves around, responding to unheard voices, etc.). 

The Researcher runs to the room and observes the aftermath.

Author Comments

In most traditional RPGs, splitting the party is the worst thing you can do.

Ideally, the Investigators are in a dark room, maybe freaking each other out a little (and hopefully not breaking anything or being abusive). The Researcher sets the pace to some extent, but is also almost just a passive observer to what is happening in the other room.

I was SHOCKED at how easily a random article at Wikihow can be turned into a ritual to remove evil from spirits or whatever from a possessed items.

Thanks to Scott, Jeff, Heather, and Jess for help!

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