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Spiral • 2017 rpg

Terra Frank • no link


Draw a spiral.  The larger the spiral,  the longer the game. 

Create a conspiracy. Bring it to life. 

Show your friends the spiral. 

What is the mystery behind the spiral? Investigate the conspiracy. 

Mark the start of the spiral. How deep does it go? 


Trying something relatively simple? Narrate it. 

Trying something difficult or dangerous? Roll a d6. The result of the die is a degree of success or failure, and a measurement of how many centimeters the marker moves towards the center of the spiral… and the conclusion of the investigation. 

As the marker moves towards the center of the spiral,  the mystery becomes clearer; the investigators bolder and more capable. However,  things also become more dangerous,  surreal, and horrific, slowly escalating as the investigation twists and turns. 

Investigators narrate their actions and roll dice, the spiral maker narrates the results based on the investigators’ die rolls (and the overall investigation)

Die results

1 = catastrophic failure. 

2 = moderate failure.  

3 = minor setback.

4 = harrowing success.

5 = moderate success.

6 = critical success.

Once the marker passes the spiral’s halfway mark,  investigators roll 2d6, choosing the higher result. During the final few turns of the spiral, investigators roll 3d6.

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