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The stars going out, one by one • 2017 rpg

John Elson • no link

As a group, decide the premise:

Everything is finished.  The Great Work was [completed]/[thwarted]/[abandoned] [long ago]/[during your lifetime]/[just now], and the Final Threat was [defeated]/[victorious]/[postponed].  You didn’t play a big role.  Now, all that’s left is your [solar system]/[space station]/[ship], and a rapidly shrinking light horizon.  The universe has [several generations]/[one generation]/[less than your natural lifespan] left.  Escape [is now]/[was always] impossible.

All characters/factions/places have an:

Attitude towards the end:  [denial]/[anger]/[bargaining]/[depression]/[acceptance]. Players can’t choose Acceptance.
Attachment:  [technology]/[cultural symbol]/[ordinary household item].  This Attachment is the last of its kind and irreplaceable.  There are no duplicates or sources of new Attachments except for other characters/factions/places.
Advantage or Disadvantage.

To resolve disputes:

Roll 1d6 vs the gm’s target number or an opposing character’s roll.  Everyone loses ties.
Relevant Advantage(s), another character helping, minor use of Attachment: +1d6, drop the lowest.
Relevant Disadvantages(s): +1d6, drop the highest.
Full use of attachment - reroll retroactively, or roll d10s.  Give up the Attachment forever.

3 successful attacks makes a character helpless.
You cannot take an Attachment unless every Character defending it is helpless. 

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