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The killing action • 2017 rpg

Robert Carnel •

A supplement for BlackHack-based games
Every character starts with a d20 Risk die. Every day the character kills a sentient humanoid creature they role the risk die.
The first time they fail they must choose the path of either Remorse or Hatred.
Once they have chosen a path, each time the risk die ticks down: Remorse, create a rule of behaviour around killing that justifies it in your character's mind, e.g. refuse to draw your sword first, pray for each of the souls you take; Hatred, choose one species you have killed since the last time your Risk die ticked down to join the creatures you hate, your character wages a genocidal war against their hated species, seeking to kill non-combatants, destroy settlements, poison water supplies and so on.
Once the risk die is exhausted: Remorse, the character retires from a life of violence; Hatred, the character is no longer interested in pursuing any goal except their hate and refuses to interact with those who don’t share their beliefs.

Author Comments

With apologies and thanks to Jason Morningstar

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