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Celestial Bureaucrats • 2017 rpg

Karl Larsson • no link

God created the universe. She was assisted by millions of low-level bureaucrats, tasked with writing down the natural laws and the commandments for righteous living.

When the job was done, God dissolved the bureaucracy, put their souls into the wheel of reincarnation, and took her leave. She hasn’t been seen since.

Your character is a reincarnated bureaucrat today. Create your character by formulating one commandment (examples below) they helped write during creation and picking one domain from the list below. The commandments of the characters shouldn’t contradict.

The PCs cooperate to better the world by enforcing or promoting their commandments. You love yours the most, but are obligated to promote all PCs’ commandments.

Play is mostly freeform, with two exceptions. Actions that are significant have an even chance of success and characters have an even chance to create magical and supernatural effects within their domain. In both instances, flip a coin.

A game can be as long or short as you like. A good place to start is today's newspaper.

List of domains:

Example commandments
Animals mustn’t suffer
Children must know hope
No one shall rule over others
Everyone is equal

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