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The Village • 2017 rpg

Daniel Kraemer • no link

The elder ones in the village say the fog has always been there. And it is to be avoided. Everybody knows it’s not a regular fog. It never has been. It appears in bright sunlight, it started creeping out of the forest and it fools your senses. Over time it came closer to the village.

Only a few in the village have actually been in the fog by accident but they spoke of strange noises, a feeling of being watched and a desire to go in deeper, to find out what’s going on. Sometimes these stories are told at the campfire, choking the spirit of the community. 

One day someone new came to the village and rumor had it that he or she came out of the fog. Something about the being felt wrong. Both alien and familiar at the same time. It looked human but clearly wasn’t. But the strangest part was what words he or she uttered at the border of the village. 

Before walking into the fog, the being said: ’We don’t want you any harm. We want to help you. You can feast on our souls.’ Then it disappeared.

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