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Labrynith • 2017 rpg

Kelsa • https://twitter.com/Kelsa

You will need: 
3-6 people
A Chair
Approximately 10-feet of open space

The walls are dark yet ever changing.  You do not remember when you last saw the sun.  You cannot escape, but at least your life will be interesting.  Twice since you last ate the cloying smell of death has greeted your nose, but you could not find the bodies to scavenge for food.

Play in the dark.

One player (the ‘Hero’) is trying, and failing, to escape the Labyrinth.  All other players are the environment and hazards (the GMs).

To begin, the GMs form a circle around the Hero (seated in the chair)

The Hero will declare a direction. Whichever GM is standing closest to that direction will narrate the scene.  

The GM is trying to prompt the player to want to leave the scene.  Darkness, dampness, creeping horrors, crawling slimy things:  these are the GM’s tools.  Lean close, let the Hero feel your presence without touching.

At any time, the Hero may declare a direction to initiate a scene change, and a new GM will narrate what happens next.

Play ends once the all the GMs have had a turn, or the Hero meets an untimely fate.

Author Comments

I’ve been in the mood for some weird dark fantasy.

Thank you to: Eric Levanduski, Micheal Owen, Adam Brenner, Dark Lavender Void, John Harper, and Jason Morning Star.

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