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Foresight • 2017 rpg

Tanner McEveety •

  In a time or moment of uncertainty, each member of a group of soothsayers receives a glimpse of the future and must predict what will happen. If they are certain of their own death, then they may die in peace. But if they are uncertain, their death will be exacerbated by fear and denial.

  Each player besides the GM plays as a soothsayer. The GM comes up with a scenario or story to place the soothsayers within and describes it to the players, then comes up with a future for that scenario and gives the players a vague clue about it. Based on that clue, the players come up with their own predictions for the future of that scenario. Whoever the GM decides has the most accurate prediction is awarded a point. (You could also play an alternative version where the GM decides based on which prediction they liked the most, regardless of accuracy).

  If a player predicts their character's death in their prediction, and they win the round, they are awarded double points. If they predict their character's death and lose the round, then they lose a point. The player with the most points at the end wins.

Author Comments

Personally, I think the game would be great to play in lines for theme park rides. I’ve never done anything like this before, just thought it’d be fun to try. Also, go watch Extra Credits. They’re a fantastic YouTube channel that got me interested in game design (and this challenge) and continue to impress with every episode.

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