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Daniel • no link

Destroy the evidence before the police arrive, disarm the bomb before it explodes, refuel the plane before the zombies overwhelm you.

Each character has a name, an aptitude, and a Job to do. Each Job consists of 20 points of tasks, assigned by the GM. The points in a task represent how difficult it is (Easy: 5, Taxing: 10, Hard: 15). Players have 4 d6s, each representing one action, to be distributed between tasks as the player chooses. To complete a task, players must match or exceed the difficulty of the task on their roll. The GM defines the Job.
Modifiers: +1 to a 1d6 if the aptitude is applicable to the task. +1 to a 1d6 if a PC dies during one action.
Example aptitudes: First Aid, Demolitions, Interrogation.

Failed outcomes of a task are narrated by the player, successful outcomes are narrated by the GM. Task difficulty and task importance are not related. Easy tasks might be crucial, hard tasks might be pointless. The players must determine this for themselves. Teamwork might be crucial or pointless. This game is not intended to be easy or fair.

The GM and the players narrate the outcome of the job together.

Author Comments

This game is not intended to be balanced or fair. The mechanic is deliberately pitted against the players.

Thanks to Laura, Lonnie, Sam, my job and Dark Souls

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