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Nathan • 2017 rpg

Todd Crapper •

Four friends arrive at a cabin. A hunting knife hangs from the door with a note and a name written in blood. 


Someone plays Nathan; all others are friends.

Each friend offers a theory for the note. Write each theory on an index card; one card has already been marked “TRUE” on the back. All Nathan's friends will know the truth. 

Turn over a 3-minute hourglass. Everyone will describe their character as the killer picks them off one-by-one. Before the sand runs out, a player must reveal a scary moment and choose a playing card. 

Black = false alarm 
Red = danger! 

When a friend receives their third red card, they die. Dead friends can now play the killer and place red cards on characters. 

Start the next player's turn by flipping the hourglass as is. 

When only Nathan remains, every black card becomes a wound to the killer. When the killer receives 3 black cards, the killer is dead. Nathan dies when he receives his fifth red card. 

If any player fails to complete their description before the hourglass runs out, their character is instantly killed and the hourglass restarts at full. 

Author Comments

The hourglasss can be substituted for an egg timer, stopwatch, or any other digital timer but the mood is better when you use a small hourglass that runs no more than 3 minutes.

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