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Fusion Dance • 2017 rpg

Dylan Shields • renaissancewoodsman.wordpress.com

First, name your team of heroes. Then, write down your character’s name and personality. Distribute 7 points among your stats, which are FIGHT, STYLE, SMARTS, and CHARM.

Write down a power for your character, like pyrokinesis.

Pick a signature item, a weapon or tool.

When you take an action, the GM chooses a target number. Roll D6 equal to one of your skills, and count each 5 or 6. If you have equal to or more than the target number, you succeed. For each success above or below the target, use another adverb to describe the success or failure. Write conditions and wounds on your character sheet.

Fusion: Two willing characters can fuse. If this is the first time that combination has fused, create a new character sheet for their fusion. The fusion’s stats are the base character’s added together. Agree on a new personality, power and item that are a combination of the base character’s.

All of the fused players must agree on each action. If the fused players at any point can not agree, they unfuse. 

Whenever the GM offers fused characters two options, she may make them answer in secret. If they answer differently, they unfuse.

Author Comments

Many thanks to my playtesters Mark, Mango, and Bogey. Lots of ideas generated in that session ended up in here, or in the expanded version which is progressing on my blog.

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