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Bearing Witness • 2017 rpg

David Deschamps • no link

From the rooftop bar of a hotel in a city at war, foreign journalists gather to watch the show. They drink through press conferences and swap stories about the things they’ve seen, draft articles for the folks back home, and try to make sense of the absurdities of war.

Together, briefly describe the place you’re in and the conflict that’s brought you there. Consider the sides and what they’re fighting for, and its effects on the city and the country.

Each of you is a foreign journalist from a different country and/or publication. Think about who you are and who your audience is, then describe yourself to the others.

One of you begins by sharing a story. It could be a draft of your next article, a photograph, an anecdote. Make it tragic, or comic; biting, or reverent; extraordinary, or everyday; cynical, or optimistic. Others can interrupt with feedback or commentary. Remember your sources, and your audience.

When the story is finished, everyone talks about it; relate it to the conflict, give your perspective. When ready, another player shares another story. Consider skipping forward days or weeks, after things have changed. Repeat, until your war is over.

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