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On Divining Oneirography • 2017 rpg

Michael G Barford • no link

Dearest Friend,

There are men after me. They have been watching me for some time. I haven’t much time to write these instructions, so please forgive the erratic nature of my handscript. I shall send you a clue to my whereabouts, but it must be encoded and obscured by esoteric means. What good fortune that there are those amongst you with the ability to decipher my message!

Have your oneirographist lie down upon a chaise longue. She must close her eyes and prepare her spirit for transsomatic travel. Provide her with a colored drawing utensil and place a sheet of white paper beneath her wrist. She must clear her mind of all distraction. As she drifts into a meditative state, her hand will begin to move in a swirling scribbling dance. Truly, the drawing of dreams is a beautiful thing to behold.

When thirty seconds have passed, wake the dreamer from her trance. Instruct your medium to take a black pen, and, with guidance from the spirits, interpret the image embedded within the astral abstraction by tracing the meaningful patterns within. With this, my location should become clear. I beseech you, make great haste!

With Sincere Regard, your ally Maylisbeth

Author Comments

Oneirography: Dream-drawing. This game/activity can be the catalyst for a new campaign or a “clue” in an existing one. Take whatever the medium divines and run with it!

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