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Reuinited And It Feels... • 2017 rpg

Jeff Stormer •

It's been too long, or maybe not long enough, since you saw one another. But here you are. Just the two of you. In public, but alone, together. You have business to sort out, and maybe a relationship to rebuild, or maybe to bury. But you have to get through the silence to do it.

Meet in a public place; a coffee shop, an airport, a bar. Somewhere you can hear people talking. Sit together in silence, listening to the voices in the air.

When you hear a joke, or laughter, remember and reminisce on the connection you used to have. When you hear silence, or sadness, remember and emphasize what drove you apart. When you hear anger, lash out in fear, or else they might first and then you've lost the fight (wait, was this a FIGHT?). When you get caught up in a story, get lost in your memories; ignore the other player. When you hear the nondescript buzz but no emotion, focus on what brought you here, and try to get it over with.

When you've said all you can say, decide if it's worth rebuilding your relationship. Hopefully it is. It's okay if it isn't.

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