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Knock • 2017 rpg

Alex Carlson • no link

For 3 or more players.

“Knock knock.” Knock twice on a surface to start a scene.

“Who’s there?” Another player responds. They will also be in the scene.

“Interrupting cow.” Introduce yourself by name or title.

“Interrupting cow who?” The other player responds.

“Interrupting cow, who just lost the companion most dear to my heart.” Repeat your name or title, and then add a detail about yourself: what has brought you this place, what you are feeling, what you aspire to, and so forth. Write this information down.

Converse briefly in character. The scene ends when another player knocks twice to begin a new scene. One player in the current scene must respond in character; the other is no longer in the scene and their character becomes available.

When you begin a new scene, select an available character or introduce a new one. All characters exist in the same narrative space.

When introducing a scene with a character that has appeared before, ask what, when, where, why, or how. Only ask each question of a character once. When one character’s sheet has answers to all six questions, finish the current scene, then end the game.

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