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Dragon Soul • 2017 rpg

Rui Anselmo •

Chaos threatens the Middle Lands. The Pale King raises necrotic armies. Insectoid demons of the Million Hells infect reality. The mechanical warriors of the Ochre Horde are at the gates. You have the Dragon Soul - the power of a god! Will you rise to the challenge and become a hero?

As player, fill the [trait] in the sentence below:

I am [name], who [power] and wields [weapon]; my burden is [burden].

Your Soul starts at 1; for every [trait] that wow’s the other players, raise your Soul by 1, maximum 5. Think about [traits] that are larger than life.

In a Conflict, describe your intentions; be cinematic, gravity-defying, god-like; if you wow the other players, raise your Soul by 1 for this Conflict. Grab 1d6 for every [trait] that applies, roll under Soul to succeed; if you fail, Soul drops by 1 - if your [burden] applied, decide on something bad. Against Minions, every success defeats one; against Rivals, every success lowers their Soul by 1. You become Mortal if your Soul reaches 0.

As GM, scene-frame aggressively, create engaging Antagonists that threaten the world and reality itself, and interesting locations for fight scenes; create situations that target the character’s [burden].

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