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Constitution • 2017 rpg

Tim Zubizarreta •

Set just after a revolution. It's time to build a new government. Elect a convention president to govern the process and ensure fairness. The convention president must designate a secretary to record the laws. Once the president gavels the convention to order, anyone can propose any law including laws to govern the convention itself. You must come out with a system of governance defining the creation of new laws, the execution of such laws, the arbitration of such laws as well as laws defining finance, foreign affairs, military matters, and human rights. These can be one person or many, republic or despot. You have ten months to define a government. Anytime a law proposed is passed in accordance with the rules of your convention, you may continue. Anytime a law is defeated in accordance with the rules of your convention, a month passes and the rabble comes closer to dispensing with you and instituting anarchy. At the end of ten months or the constitution, the president shall call for each area of government and the secretary shall read aloud the laws as stated. Upon completion of the reading, the convention votes to ratify or not. The decision must be unanimous.

Author Comments

Inspired by Hamilton. Thanks, Lin-Manuel Miranda!

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