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Divine intervention • 2017 rpg

Mats • no link

You are gods. One of thousands of gods. Each god controls one aspect of reality. You might be in charge of travel, animals, thunder, battle or whatever you decide. Write your name and domain.

You all follow a party of adventurers on their quest. Each of you has a secret goal for the party (in line with chosen domain). Maybe you want them to succeed? Or for the cleric to survive? Maybe you want to kill them all? Gods are sometimes pricks like that. Write your goal and keep it hidden from others.

One of you is not a god. He narrates what happens to the party. But whenever the party stumbles on an obstacle that’s in the domain of one of the players - that player decides the outcome.

Gods also have 5 artifacts each. They can use one or more to bribe another player to decide the outcome in their favor. Alternatively, they can influence any other aspect of reality by discarding 3 artifacts (to pay for services of appropriate god).

The surviving party members, if any, make a sacrifice to honor the god that fulfilled the most impressive goal. Go follow another party.

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