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European • 2017 rpg

Tucker Sherry •

Distribute four blank index cards, markers, and a random role to each player; roles remain secret.

Roles are:


Each player may go to the bathroom four times, and can be in the bathroom for up to thirty seconds at a time. When going to the bathroom, they first write down what they will do in the bathroom. (Ex. Hide knife, look for money, pee) If the player is leaving/taking something from the bathroom, they must leave/take that card. A player cannot use a card that has already been written on.

HANDOFF needs to get the murder weapon to HITMAN, who needs to kill DEALER (and no one else) to win.

DEALER needs to get the package to BUYER, and BUYER needs to get the money to DEALER (without being caught) to win.

UNDERCOVER wins by using their one accusation to correctly identify a pair of criminals. (HANDOFF/HITMAN, BUYER/DEALER)

DINER has an overactive bladder- they can only use their cards to pee, and must use them all by game’s end.

If you die, you lose. Multiple players can win.

Game ends with a murder, successful accusation, or all cards used.

Author Comments

Many thanks to all my close friends that helped me proofread and streamline this nonsense: Rob, Greg, Alex, Dylan, Allyson, and my wonderful wife.

This game can absolutely be played at home, but I personally love the idea of playing it (responsibly, mind you) in a fine restaurant, noisy pub, shady dive bar, or any other place with a public bathroom. Just make sure to wash your hands.

Inspirations included the freeform RPGs Fiasco and Out of Dodge, as well as great movies like In Bruges and The Godfather. (And, to a lesser extent, Jane Austen’s Mafia!)

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