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You’ve Been Screwed. • 2017 rpg

Dan Sparkman • no link

	You’re not sure How.  You’re not sure Why.  You’re not even completely sure Who.  But you’ve definitely been screwed.
	You wake or land on a new alien world.  It is not what you were promised.  You are all on your own and you’re pretty sure no one is coming to get you.  
Choose or Roll a d12 and Describe.
1-	Profession.
2-	Why you left earth.
3-	Who you think screwed you over.
4-	Another colonist/castaway you are worried about.
5-	An interesting geographic feature.
6-	An interesting plant.
7-	Animal sign.
8-	Thank god it’s here. What is it? Why is it essential?
9-	It’s missing, we’re doomed!
10-	WTF is this.  Something strange has been packed, describe it as best you can.
11-	Learn more about something already learn/discovered.
12-	Talk is cheap, whiskeys cost money.  Describe what you do to ensure survival, or escape.

	After everyone has had a turn or two or more, take turns guessing where you are and why/how you ended up there.  Build on each other’s theories if they make sense.
	200 Year’s later an exploring team finds your planet.  What do they find? 

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