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Melody & Memories • 2017 rpg

ghauxst • ghauxst.tumblr.com

Magic is real, and relies on music. When we need to act outside of our realm, we use nostalgia.

You need a pack of cards.

Note your character’s Name and Instrument. Pick a Truth:

A Tunekeeper has been murdered. Decide on their name together.

Take turns answering about the Tunekeeper:
	How did you meet?
	What Melody did they teach you, and what does it do?
	What is the kindest thing they did for you?

You’ve gathered to find the person who did this. Pick one to answer each.
	What is their name?
	What do they look like?
	What Instrument do they play?
	How did they kill the Tunekeeper?
	Where are they now?

Some of these will be true, GM decides.

When you act outside your realm, draw 4 cards. Draw an extra card for each if they help: Melody, Instrument, Truth, Name. Choose 4 of your cards.
	4 RED: You have succeeded.
	3 RED: There is a consequence, but you succeed.

If you fail, pick:
	You lose a Melody.
	You lose your Name.
	You lose your Instrument.
	You lose your Truth.

If you have none left, you die.

Author Comments

Original concept by Parlimus (parlimus.tumblr.com). Thank you to them <3

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