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Giant Monster Mayhem • 2017 rpg

Moe Tousignant • https://plus.google.com/+MoeTousignant

Players each pick a role. Two must be a Kaiju and a Hero, use more roles for more players. More player than roles? Use multiple bystanders. Each role has a goal:

Kaiju - destruction and mayhem.
Army – slow down Kaiju
Bystanders – survive
Scientist – discover Kaiju’s weakness
Hero – defeat the Kaiju

To play: each round is a contest between the Kaiju and one other role. The Kaiju describes what they are doing and the other player narrates how they react.  A duel is held.  If the good guys win, the contest moves to the next role in the order listed above. If the Kaiju wins the process starts over from the top. The only way for the players to defeat the Kaiju is to win the final duel between the Hero and the Kaiju. The Kaiju wins if the other players give up.

To Duel – players simultaneously hold out 1-4 fingers. Total the count:
Odd total – Kaiju wins. Go back to the top of the conflict chain.
Even Total – Citizens win. If you are the Hero describe how the Kaiju is defeated. If you are not the Hero, play moves to the next contest. 

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