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Too Much Bubblegum: More than you can chew! • 2017 rpg

Bruce ES Warner • no link

Aliens are amongst us and it's time to fight back! ...But this bubblegum won't chew itself.

Every player adds a handful of d6s (bubblegum) to a pile on the table. Shuffle two jokers into a 52-card deck.

Each round, players take however much bubblegum they want from the pile (minimum one).

Count the remaining bubblegum. Each player takes turns drawing a card face-up until one card has been drawn for each bubblegum left in the pile.

If you draw a joker, roll the dice you took. If any die comes up 1, you're abducted! Shuffle everyone's cards back into the deck before you go, and come back next round as an infiltrator.

At the end of the round, shuffle the deck and discard all the dice you took: you chewed that bubblegum or died trying!

Once per game you can swallow your gum: re-roll all 1s. (Don’t eat the dice.)

If an infiltrator draws a joker, they pick a human to roll instead.

If you run out of humans, the aliens win.

If you start a round with no pile left, you've chewed all the bubblegum and the remaining humans can start fighting the aliens!

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