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This RPG is about an ARM-WRESTLING tournament and requires at least two players and a GM. The players play ARM-WRESTLERS who intend on getting first place.

The group should have at least two normal sets of dice.
Characters have six TECHNIQUES: Strong, Twisty, Sneaky, Sticky, Wicked and Demeaning. The players should take each die from a normal set and write it next to their technique. A d20 in a technique is awesome and a d4 is bogus.

Strong: d12
Twisty: d8
Sneaky: d20
Sticky: d10
Wicked: d4
Demeaning: d6

When an ARM-WRESTLE begins, the players decide which technique to use. They take the die assigned to that technique and, at the same time, SPIN the dice. The one whose die spins the longest is the winner of the ARM-WRESTLE. 

The players can also ARM-WRESTLE NPC's, in which case the GM picks a random die and technique.

Once you've used a technique, you are too exhausted to use it for the rest of the day. You may regain it by BANTERING with someone, which is like ARM-WRESTLING except that you regain a technique if you win and only lose the die you use if you lose.

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