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Crisis Ascending • 2017 rpg

N. D. Christie • no link

Each hand, one player, Crisis, deals three Heroes clockwise seven cards each from the 7-K of four suits, keeping the remaining seven.  The final Hero dealt is Chosen.

Crisis discards blindly from any player’s hand.  Its suit becomes Ascendant.  The hand begins.

Each round, Crisis plays a card face-down, boasting of its power.  Chosen must then play their own boast.  Then, other heroes may boast or pass.  Each boast should show unbridled imagination, but must unambiguously name the card’s suit OR value (else be discarded).  Allow one minute each.

The cards revealed, the highest Ascendant wins, or else the highest following Crisis’ suit.  The winning Hero, or the next Hero standing, becomes Chosen.  The winner keeps one defeated card (without revealing which), discarding the rest, and awards 1 point to themselves or their favorite boast.

Hands end when Crisis holds no cards, or all cards, receiving an additional point for each card remaining.  The final Chosen becomes Crisis.  Hands also end if anyone holds all and only 7’s -- they Ascend, receiving 28 points and becoming Crisis!

If a winning hero has over 60 points, the world is saved.  If a winning or ascending Crisis has over 77, it is doomed!

Author Comments

I have left the theme purposefully vague to encourage free and varied storytelling. Crisis can be anything from a dragon to an army of zombies to global warming. It was not worth prescribing how to choose the first Crisis, but I recommended that this goes to the most prepared or imaginative player, to ensure swifter engagement.

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