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Stranded In Space • 2017 rpg

David Johnston • no link

Game Setup:
* Your spaceship malfunctions. You send a distress signal. It will take ONE YEAR for the rescue ship.
* You crash your ship near an island on a water planet. The island is perfect: fruit, animals, fresh water.  The weather can be rainy, but otherwise it’s perfect. You could survive the whole year with nothing but what is on the island.
* Your spaceship has a replicator machine on board that can materialize any items you want, but…
* Your spaceship’s power is low. And it’s sinking very slowly.

* You have just enough power to make 200 pounds worth of stuff.
* Then the ship sinks.
* Make a list of what you take onto the island for your one-year stay.
* Discuss your year. 
* Best list wins.

On Game Play:
Remember, the island has everything you need for basic survival. What would make your year better?  Tools? Books? Cooking gear? How about a lighter?

Game Variations:
* Passenger: You may also bring one other person. Who?
* Lower Energy: 100 pounds of stuff.
* Add Danger: weather, monsters, etc…
* More/Less Time: Two years? Three months?
* Quick play: 10 minutes to make lists.
* Solo Play: Keep your list. Think about it.

Author Comments

Based on a question asked me by my ninth grade English teacher. I’ve been playing this one for years.

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