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When the Fire Dies • 2017 rpg

Stephen Morrison •

The cataclysm is over and the world has ended. We alone survive, huddled around this last fire, waiting for it to die.

While the fire lingers, we remember the world that was and the deeds done in those last days. To some they bring warmth, to others, sorrow. Come, let us speak before the fire dies.

You will need: a candle, 10 matches, tokens, and a dark room. Define the cataclysm. Create archetypal characters: noble, warrior, priest, etc. Choose a first player. 

To begin, light the candle. The first player tells a brief story of the world before or during the cataclysm. When finished, the player takes a match, lights and extinguishes it, and hands it to another player who places the burnt match before them. It is now their turn to speak. Everyone must have a burnt match before them before taking a second turn.  

For each story, if a player is moved or inspired by another's story, they may give the storyteller a token.

When all matches have been burned, count the tokens, rolling a die for ties. The player with the most tokens concludes the story and blows out the candle.

And the fire dies.

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