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Cyber Beetles • 2017rpg

Hannah Dwan •

The players are a couple in a cyperpunk world, both 100% flesh and bone. Begin by describing themselves: emotionally and physically, of their flaws and strengths in a world where augmentations to fix problems are available.

They take it in turns rolling a D6. Depending on the rolls, they will go in for surgery to have a body part replaced by something synthetic or metal. They will describe the effects of the new limb, difficulties faced, its style, etc. Akin to the game Beetle/Cootie. Consult the table below for each roll!

1: Replace right arm.
2: Replace right leg.
3: Replace left arm.
4: Replace left leg.
5: Replace torso. 
6: Replace head (only applicable once all other body parts have been replaced).

If a player rolls a number that they’ve rolled previously, the relevant body part malfunctions, and must be repaired. The player will then explore the process, implications, and consequences. If a player rolls a 6 early, explore the character’s desires and anxieties about replacing their body.

The game ends once a player has replaced their entire body. It is up to the players whether this is good or bad.

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