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The story of my life • 2017 rpg

Yoshi Creelman • google.com/+YoshiCreelman

A game for waiting in line in a public place.

You're dead. So are all those ahead and behind you in line. The queue for the after-life is long, slow, and winds through the living like torture, reminding you of what you no longer have. You do have your memories, well some of them. You will need to tell the arbiter your life story. 

Everyone has heard rumors of themes the arbiter appreciates. Share these rumors. 

It’s time to practice.

Take turns
Begin your saga with, "It all started when..."

Continue your tale until you reach a crossroads, where the details are fuzzy, request suggestions to impress the arbiter from your companions. Let the suggestions simmer as you listen to your companion’s tales. 

When it is your turn again, continue your story. Repeat crossroads as needed. 

When you reach your conclusion, finish with, "and that was the story of my life." 

Continue until all tales are told... or you've reached the arbiter. 

May your stories amuse and impress...

Let the surrounding living and location inspire.
How/when/why did you die?
What did you die for?
Who will miss you?
What/who will you miss?
What was left behind?

Author Comments

This game was initially designed with one goal in mind. Something to do while waiting in lines in public places. This has happened for me several times with gaming friends, whether waiting for a table at a restaurant, a roller coaster line, the origins games on demand line, waiting for the opening of a new movie, etc.

Initially I wanted something to do with your position in line having meaning, and the whole group would rotate around and change positions… but I just plain didn’t have a enough words. The original version had more inspiration from “The Sundered Land: a Doomed Pilgrim in the Ruins of the Future” by Vincent Baker (http://lumpley.com/index.php/anyway/thread/722) and from parsely games (http://www.memento-mori.com/parsely/). The instructions were confusing and as I cut more and more to get down to something clear, I realized I didn’t care about line order anymore… so I cut all references, and turned to “A Penny for My Thoughts” by Paul Tevis (http://www.evilhat.com/home/a-penny-for-my-thoughts/), and used the idea of asking for inspiration from other players.

Only when I went to submit did I realize when I went to submit that no formatting what so ever would be preserved… I had tried to format it slightly to increase clarity, so if you would like to see the slightly formated version, here’s a link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Qty8mSPrVSYdSRvwDkFWFcF-gHBrE92599AqNqT_W1o/edit?usp=sharing

If you ever play this game, I’d love to hear about it. Good, bad, or even just, “we gave it a shot.”.

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