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Erik Bernhardt •

Characters sneak into the domain of the corporate oligarchs, discover conspiracies, sabotage the machinery, steal files, and eventually bring the whole thing crashing down.

Core Mechanic: Whenever a character does something that might be noticed, they have to stack dice onto their tower. Stack 1 die for a quiet action like sneaking past a sleeping guard. Stack 2 for a dangerous action, like knocking out a few security cameras. 

When the dice tower collapses, players count the number of 1’s. These are “failures:”

0 failures: Whew! That was a close one. I guess no one heard that?
1-2: A nearby guard is alerted that a noise was made. Essentially the “?” state
3-4: One or two nearby guards are alerted and begin actively searching for the character. The “!” state
5+: A nearby guard radios in a disturbance and the entire area goes on high alert

When the players steal the files, throw the monkey wrench, or complete their objective, they knock over their towers. Each 5 or 6 rolled determines how effective / valuable their action was.

1-3: A small crack in the oligarchy
4-5: An expose of misdeeds, a critical file
6+: You’ve brought the company to it’s knees!

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