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What You Carry • 2017 rpg

Evey Lockhart •

Awaken and fall through the bottom of your grave.
You do not remember, but you know. This is a place of tests, trials, tribulations.
If you wish to be free from wretched mortality, you must not fail here.
Your face is: 1{ Naked Bones } 2{ Drooping Flesh } 3{ Golden* Mask } 4{ Pale Fire }
Your skin is the starry night sky.
An impossible spire leers across surreal landscapes. Atop it lies salvation.
Roll 1d4 (material) and 1d6 (object-type) 3x to determine the grave goods you carry.
1. Golden* {} Axe
2. Stone  {} Bowl
3. Bronze {} Candle
4. Driftwood {} Oranges
5. {} Sickle
6. {} Amphora
*Golden objects are unbreakable, coveted. Candles and Oranges function as normal, unless golden.
Doing things:
Players Roll 1d20 vs. GM 3d6 to accomplish difficult tasks. Easy tasks can be assumed successful. Players take tied rolls.
For each useful object a character employs, roll an additional d20. Take the highest result. Max of 3 d20s.
Characters have only 7 after-lives. Deadly tasks destroy underworld bodies upon failure.
If an item could conceivably be sacrificed to save an after-life, so be it.
Characters reform at dawn, wherever they fell.

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