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Anti Heroes • 2017 rpg

Mammuth • no link

The future. In the stellar void.
Humanity is dying. Centuries of war has ended galactic conquest and procreation is but a memory. We are doomed.

Still a light seems to burn low in the darkness. The apostle writings are formals, Mankind will find a way if the holy relic of Foedric was to be found again.

But all heroes are dead. We are alone. Only the worst ones remains. And they are our only chance to survive.
Jeriko “Ivan the terrible”
Horus “Ramses”
Stunner ”Attila”
Okto ”Gengis Khan”
Firefly ”Saladin”
Dirt ”Erik the Red”
Malebot ”Vlad Tepes”

Anti Heroes put you in the role of the most dangerous badass of the entire galaxy.
Former military gone mad in warzone, bodyparts dealers from the most violent syndicates of the solar system or renown murderers just escaped from maximum security, each of them has a part of the riddle somewhere in their twisted mind.

Captured by the Apostles of the Funeral Cathedral, they have accepted a suicide mission which may grant them salvation if they manage to find the last chance to save what’s left of humanity.

Hoping who they used to be in a previous life can be kept under control.

Author Comments

I am French so I hope my English is correct :)

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