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The Spirits Somnia • 2017 rpg

Caroline Berg • worldsofcarolineberg.wordpress.com

You are training to be a Somnia, a deliverer of dreams.  Each night you fly through the gates of sleep to deliver dreams.  If you gain four or more nightmare points in seven nights, you will not become a Somnia.

Your Somnia has three traits.  You may put all three traits towards one type or chose a mix from either.

Horn [Truthful, Calming, Terrifying]
Ivory [Deceitful, Cunning, Soothing]

The gate you enter determines the type of dream delivered.  Roll one six-sided die (1d6) for the gate.

(4-6) Horn Gate – Prophetic Dreams
(1-3) Ivory Gate – False Dreams

Once you have a gate, describe and deliver your dream.  

Roll 1d4 for the number of nouns you must weave into your dream description.  If playing alone pick nouns from around you; if playing with others, they provide the nouns.

Roll 1d4 for each noun in the dream.  The sum of those roles is the dream number.  When delivering the dream, roll 3d6 dice.  For each trait you have for a gate, add or subtract two points to your delivering roll.  If the sum is 1-3 away from the dream number, the delivery was a success.  Otherwise gain one nightmare point.

Author Comments

I had a lot of fun reading up on the Oneiroi and Somnia for this one. The Greek and Roman beliefs did include two different gates, of horn and ivory, which the two types of dreams passed through each night.

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